Puppies occupied a retirement home, preschool, and gym. Pure bliss ensued.

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Stop what you’re doing. I have smashing puppy news.

A video of puppies exists that is not only absolutely darling, but is also helping dogs in need with every single click. I reiterate: You can watch a video that, in a very tangible route, is manufacturing the world a better place for dogs each time someone watches it .

GIF via Soul Pancake/ YouTube.

The video was created to showcase the #PowerOfPuppies and is obviously been successful at doing just that.

Created through a partnership between Purina and media company Soul Pancake, the video captures people’s reactions in three different spots a preschool, a gym, and a retirement home when puppies arrive unexpectedly.

The #PowerOfPuppies fetches brand-new vigor to each location in the video in the blink of an eye.

A boring period in class takes a whole new turn.

“I didn’t should be noted that coming.” GIF via Soul Pancake/ YouTube.

A routine session at the gym melts these tough guys’ hearts.

“I wish they were always there after a workout.” GIF via Soul Pancake/ YouTube.

And a game of trivia at this retirement home gets much more exciting.

“This is so special! ” GIF via Soul Pancake/ YouTube.

These actions possibly aren’t so surprising. Most puppy proprietors are more likely to tell you how much positive change having a pup in the members of this house can draw. Dogs have been known to reduce nervousnes and stress, fight off loneliness and depression, and generally preserve you in better determine.

The power of puppies is real , y’all.

The best part about all of this? The video isn’t just superbly smile-inducing. It’s also facilitating puppies that need our help.

For every video panorama, Purina will donate a pound of pup nutrient( up to 500,000) to Rescue Bank, a nonprofit that helps the salvage swine community . So yes just watching the two-minute video is helping our four-legged friends.

That’s what I call a win-win.

Watch Soul Pancakes’ viral puppy video below:

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