Puppies are hard work

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This is just a total vent. My puppy feels like really hard work. The worst part – I know in my heart he's actually quite good. He's almost 15weeks old. The positives – he's housebroken, he's crate trained, he rarely barks (only when excited), he sleeps loads during the day, so we have some time where it feels like we have no puppy, he has no food agression, he's cute. However, everything he has learned to do, he learned from his breeder. We have taught him nothing. He has two modes – sleep or wild. He has about 2 attacks of the zoomies each day and even though I know they will end, they are horrible experiences. I try training him in 10mins bursts and it goes well for about 5 mins but then he loses interest completely. When we are out walking he usually either pulls along on the lead or he digs his paws in and refuses to walk.

Sometimes it helps to come on to puppy101 and read stories of others struggling. Sometimes it just makes me feel worse. I feel terrible, but sometimes when I wake up in the morning and remember that he's down there waiting for me, I shiver and think 'Oh no, here we go again.' We are starting obedience classes with him soon. We will start to send him to daycare for a break in a few weeks when he is older. I feel bad about that too. I really don't know how parents of human babies do this and I just want the puppy stage to end. Worst part is that – as I've said – I feel bad that he's not even that bad compared to some other breeds.

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