46 thoughts on “Puppies and Babies Playing Together Compilation 2014

  1. Nuno Alex

    One time our dog made my baby sister laugh so much she chocked on her own
    laugh and we had to bring her to the hospital

  2. HinataElyonToph

    when the tiny puppy was whining and the babys face XD I couldn’t stop
    laughing. It’s like the baby knew it had to be gentle and when the pup
    started whining and carrying on the baby was like “oh god what did I do, i
    don’t know what to do, help!”

    1. Tyler Moore

      HinataElyonToph It’s like our reaction when a baby cries “oh my God I’m so
      sorry please don’t cry please don’t cry 😱”

  3. Meg DiPaolo

    Who in their right mind has a puppy and a baby at the same time!? That’s
    double the cute yes but also double the WORK and responsibility!


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