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Good afternoon everyone!

Sorry about another post, but I feel it is much needed after the support I got from everyone.


That's my old post, I'm not sure if anyone ever read that one, but I tell you what, it was the worst days of my life back then. To tell you the truth I was just about to get rid of the puppy until I had just the tiniest amount of support from family and everyone that commented on my previous post. They took her for a day and I had time to relax and actually get things done. clear my mind, rest the body, sleep for a bit. It helped a lot.

I didn't get rid of her! Surprise to some of you? Probably. I don't blame you. I would have thought the same thing.

Everything is going really well in the house now, I get sleep, still do everything I wanted to do. She is now around 4-5 months old and going really strong, I take her to the dog park every 2nd day to socialise her, lots of cute girls there too.

I've taken her to puppy pre-school and had a blast there, she did as well, learnt lots of new skills and even been told that she is a very well behaved Husky. One of the best she's had in her class. Only one issue with her during the class was that she was protective of the pig ear that is given to them when the class starts. (They use them to clam the puppies down)I will be taking her to the next class to work on some better skills and from there I was suggested to get into a bit of agility stuff, but I'm not too sure yet.

I do training a bit with her, I'm not very good at it, but I really enjoy it. I REALLY have to work on her recall, at the dog park she never listens when I call her. But it's something I am working on.

I regret wanting to get rid of her and wouldn't even think about it now. She is a beautiful soul. So people if you are going through puppy blues, please please wait it out, it really does get better!

Her name is Venus and this is here in the picturehttps://imgur.com/gallery/gqP5k52

Anyway, I should wrap this up! Just wanted to thank everyone for their support on the other post!


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