Pup won’t obey sit command in one specific circumstance

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This is driving me bananas. My dog is 6 months old, for reference. We've successfully taught her to sit, come, and stay using positive rewards and treats. On walks we're working on not pulling with moderate success and have successfully trained her to sit at corners before crossing, stuff like that. She gets it. I'm still giving her treats for this very consistently. She 100% understands the sit command; I use both the verbal command and a hand signal.

EXCEPT – at the very end of our walk. I'm attempting to train her to sit so I can take off her harness, and she will. NOT. SIT. It doesn't matter where I tell her to do it – inside the gate, inside the house, whatever. She just stands there, staring at me, actively refusing to obey. I offer treats – she refuses them. I continue to get her attention when she looks elsewhere – she will just stare. The only thing that works, ever, is if I just stand there with her, continuing to tell her to sit until she finally gets bored/tired, stops trying to wander off, and sits or lays down. Once it took like half an hour. When I get the harness off, she will go back to coming, sitting, staying for treats like usual.

Is there something else I can do here???

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