Pup Resisting All House Training Efforts

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I have a 13 week old Rottweiler whom I can’t seem to potty train. I don’t expect her to be accident free but it seems like she isn’t even trying. I see no progress since we got her at 8 weeks.

My method has been to crate her and when she cries, I take her out for a quick potty break lasting no more than a minute or two. If she goes I give her a small treat and a heck of a lot of praise. If she doesn’t, I do nothing. Either way, I put her back in her crate so she understands she can make noises like that to indicate she has to go outside.

However, any time I let her roam the house she goes inside. I’ll discipline her by telling her “no”, picking it up and bringing it outside along with the pup and once outside I’ll reinforce this is where you go. If I catch her in the act, I clap, say “no” to get her to stop, and take her outside.

Things were okay when we first started using the crate but now she’s started going in her crate constantly. No control whatsoever. And this morning I have been taking her outside almost every 20 minutes and she still pooped in her crate.

I’m at my wit’s end because she is showing no progress at all and I’m cleaning up 4 to 5 accidents a day. This is the first dog I’m training so I’m quite inexperienced but this just seems like a lot. I have to be doing something wrong, so more experienced pet owners, if you need more information or have any advice, please, I’m all ears!

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