Pup is getting increasingly mouthy with hands

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So we adopted a Saint Bernard/Coonhound mid puppy about 2 months ago and he’s a total sweetheart, and crazy smart. But lately he’s been going after hands with increasing frequency and as he’s getting to be more and more of a behemoth it’s getting less and less fun.

I’ll just be sitting on the couch and then out of nowhere he’ll run over and start gnawing on my hand. I’ve tried standing up and ignoring him, but he starts howling and barking at me. Lately he’s gotten into the habit of nipping my ass/grabbing my pants to get me to bring my hands down.

I’ve also tried redirecting with toys but it only works for about a second before he resumes going after my hands.

I’m just sort of at a loss of what to try. He goes on at least 1 long walk a day, usually 2, with active playtime throughout the day (fetch, zoomies, tug of war, etc) so it isn’t as if he is getting no exercise. Like I said, he’s a total sweetheart most of the time, but he’s been pretty difficult lately. Send help.

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