Pup hates crate door closed but comfortable in crate

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I have a 10 week old mini aussie which I brought home about a week ago. I started crate training her since day 1. At night, she's able to sleep through the whole night without whining if I just sleep near the crate within distance to put my finger in there. She's very comfortable in her crate, I feed her in it, have toys in it and treat her often in the crate for calm behavior. She goes in and out of the crate often willingly. I've taught her the "go to your crate command" while laying down and she goes there waiting for a treat. I'm able to close the door and she stays calm and I treat her for calm behavior. Even when she's calm with door closed, she just keeps starring at me expecting me to either treat her or let her out. Randomly at times I'm training her, she gets super antsy and starts barking/whining to be let out (especially if I walk away or put a cover over the front side of the crate) even if shes distracted by a kong or treat. I don't let her out until she's quiet. Am I approaching this correctly? Will let her whining/crying it out cause negative association with the crate? I have roommates and apartment neighbors that I have to respect but I really need to crate her sometimes for naps and time for myself. Any advice is appreciated!

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