Pup became a MANIAC after bully stick – anyone had similar experiences?

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I have a nearly 11 week old Boston Terrier. This evening after his dinner, training and play I gave him a bully stick to chew as I’m trying to get him to stay up a bit later in order that he sleep a little latter in the mornings. He loved it and lay chewing it quietly for about half an hour, then I let him out for a wee. As I didn’t want to take it off him (he’s not great at trading up yet) I took the opportunity while he was in the garden peeing to pop it in a zip lock bag and put it away. When he came back in he was nuts for about 45 minutes – zoomies, barking (usually he never barks), whining, just general hyperactivity, sniffing where it was etc. Has anyone had similar experiences? I’m genuinely considering not giving him them again as I hated the behaviour afterwards. Or will he calm down if it’s a more regular chew?

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