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Hi, as a first time dog owner I would like some advice about my pug. But, first thing you should know. She is about 6 months old, she became apart of my life 2 weeks ago. Before she had a family that didnt have time for her, and she would spend lot of time in a basement alone. If not that, then the kids would play with her, but it was like this: they would play with her make her hyper and then when got bored left her in a basment, also nobody took her for walks. Now, I really love this pug, and I got attached with her as much as she got attached to me. She follows me around everyday, I took her for walks and we play together, also we are together 24/7. I dont plan to give her back to that family bc I can see how much she enjoys with me, also I think I am taking care of her which I cant say for that family.

Now that you have the back story, I wanted to get some advice on how much she can be outside when it is cold? Like I walk her for 30 min to 1h, 4 times a day, but I read that they are sensitive to hot and cold weathers. Also even after walking her, and playing outside and at home she still has so much energy. Also I dont know how to leave her alone at home if I need to go out, bc even leaving her when I shower gets her sad and jumping and barking at the door. Also I used to workout at home, but since she is her I didnt bc when I tried too, she would jump on me and bite and thought we were playing. I dont want to put her in another room and close the door, just some tips on making her calmer or to lay down…?

Thank you for taking your time and reading this. Hope you have a good day 😊 Any tips and advice are welcome.

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