Psychotic Episodes Before Pooping

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2 months – 8 months F GSD mix… issue has been a regular thing. Also, I apologize for some of my descriptions/wording in this post – I'm not exactly sure how to best describe the issue.

We regularly take our girl out for walks and for her to relieve herself. There hasn't been any accidents in the house for months (knock on wood). She lets us know when she feels the need to pee and poo. However, sometimes, I feel like she doesn't know she needs to poo, but we know she does based on her scheduled times, her psychotic behavior, or the fact that her poop-hole looks like it's "ready." So we'll take her out when we know she needs to poop, she'll pee, but she will poop only about 50% of the time if she picks up the right scent?? The other 50% of the time, she's straight-up nutso! Growls, bites, jumps, attacks my hands, legs, leash, etc. It's so bad, I just have to give up and pull her back inside – and then try again later. Until she actually poops, she is bat-shit crazy… zoomies, barks, growls, bites, digs, (outside/inside), etc. Once she actually does poop, she's an absolute angel sent straight from heaven.

Anybody else experience this? Any insight?

Poops are normal, there's no straining or constipation. We've increased activity – both physical and mental, but this seems to be very poop-related. We do not have a fenced-in yard, so just letting her out is not an option.

Is there anything we should try with this weirdo dog?

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