PSA: If your vet offers a puppy plan, think twice about it. I have easily saved over $500 in almost 4 months.

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Ivy Tax

Ivy came home in July at 9 weeks old. She is very smart, sweet, playful, fearless and loves everything and everyone. She is a rescue from a litter of 12 and nearly pureblood lab (her foster mom kept one of the pups and did DNA testing). We have been in love since day one.

We have been really lucky that Ivy is incredibly chill for a lab, but she has her own struggles. In the 4 months we have have had her there has been less than a month total that she has been completely healthy. At our first vet appointment our vet offered a puppy plan. We put down a $150 deposit and pay $45 a month for the first year, in exchange all shots, office visits, fecal tests, bloodwork and X rays are covered and we get 10-15% off other procedures. I didn't anticipate using it much. Ha. Because of her issues, Ivy does not qualify for pet insurance due to a pre-existing condition.

In chronological order:

-Ivy has a severe overbite and her bottom teeth were putting holes in the roof of her mouth. She had 6 teeth removed at 11 weeks old. This was a $500 procedure including the anesthesia, actual surgery, antibiotics, etc. The bloodwork was covered and we got 15% off the whole procedure because of the plan. Her jaw is considered a pre-existing condition. Odds are very good we will have to do the same thing with her adult teeth, which will be a $700ish procedure, thankfully we will get another 15% off.

-Ivy have had whipworms once and giardia twice. In total this has meant 6 antibiotics, a dewormer, 2 different probiotics and 2 special GI friendly foods. She is also incredibly diarrhea prone so finding food/treats that don't upset her stomach is a challenge. All of her fecal tests have been covered (I think we have done 5?), every exam and we have gotten a discount on the foods

-During the last Giardia round, Ivy threw up her breakfast from the previous day (we only knew because it was the last time she had eaten rice and it was still undigested). We brought her in for X Rays and an exam (at the vet's suggestion), to make sure she hadn't eaten a foreign object that was blocking her stomach. She ate something teeeny tiny so that probably wasn't the cause, but it was good to know and totally covered.

-Just this morning Ivy woke up with her eye crusted shut and refused to eat (VERY unlike her). Sure enough, she has an eye infection. Thankfully she hasn't damaged her cornea with itching. Total of $30 for the eye drops, everything else in the exam/tests were covered.

All in all I estimate we have saved at least $500 because of this vet plan. We're probably the 1% that actually gets their money's worth from plans like this but I am SO thankful we decided to do it. My husband and I are financially stable and have good paying jobs but when you have a chronically sick dog it adds up. We are going in for booster shots Saturday, an eye exam and to discuss a game plan for how to help this pup get an immune system up and running. She goes to daycare, the dog park and obedience classes so she's exposed to a lot but we don't want to have to hold her back because she's illness prone.

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