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Ice cubes for teething pups are taboo, I know this. Puppy teeth are soft and ice cubes and do damage, but I have a GSD, he’s always had big teeth, and ice cubes were my saving grace during his teething phase.

During that teething stage, I saw a lot of posts about diluting chicken stock and freezing it into cubes to keep your pup interested. If you do this, don’t use people chicken stock from the grocery store

Your local pet store sells dog safe chicken stock, use that. There’s no onions or garlic. I’m a first time dog owner and used an organic chicken stock to make cubes. Tim (the dog) had terrible shits for days and I couldn’t figure out why. Took me a solid week to realize that I was giving him stock with onions and garlic.

I don’t think it’ll kill your dog, but it will definitely make them uncomfortable. Please learn from my mistake

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