Pruitt Prepares To Oust The EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board

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Scott Pruitt, as you well know, is the head of the Environmental Protection Agency( EPA ). Considering how anti-environmental and anti-scientific Pruitt is, the committee is powerfully ironic and, candidly, self-destructive. Its like putting Darth Vader in charge of a dwelling for vacated puppies no regards the Dark Lord of the Sith intended, knowledge you.

Continuing on his streak of to screw over his own busines, Pruitt has now formed the decision to fire dozens of members of the EPAs Board of Scientific Counselors( BOSC ), which will effectively lobotomize the EPA.

All 38 board members whose three-year-long appointments on BOSC expire in August will not be renewed, according to the acting head of the EPAs Office of Research and Development, Robert Kavlock. In addition, all summertime and sink meetings of the board have been cancelled because there will only be 11 people left on it.

BOSCs primary persona is to give technical and scientific advice on study programs related to environmental protection, climate change mitigation, clean breeze and ocean shield, and so on. These are all inherently scientific issues with a plan flavor but Pruitt, who gets to hand-pick the members of BOSC, clearly doesnt care.

Hilariously, the EPA is encouraging the soon-to-be-ex-members of BOSC to reapply for their own positions in order to ensure that brand-new endowment, so to speak, can fight for the posts too. Wouldnt it be an incredible coincidence if BOSC is soon filled with representatives from the fossil fuel industry?

Sadly, this fits the precedent that Pruitt has specified throughout the majority of members of his entire career.

Prior to being the chief of the EPA, “hes spent” decades facilitating the countries to sue it. Since taken away from at relevant agencies, hes overseen personnel gashes, fund slice, multiple acceptances and firings, and the systematic de-scientification of its various departments.

Pruitt has also been one of the most vocal opponents of the Paris climate change agreement. During the Chairmen infamous White House Rose Garden announcement, he could be seen in the front sequence grinning like a malevolent Cheshire cat while sweating for the purposes of the unusually red-hot Sun.

“Its probably” what the future of the EPA will be like. maradon 333/ Shutterstock

His dismantling of the EPA has even got some Republicans worried. Called to the Capitol to defend the proposed budget for the EPA, he was verbally assaulted by both Democrats and Republican for aiming to exhaust as much funding from the agency as possible.

You’re going to be the first EPA administrator that has come before this committee in eight years that actually get more fund than they ask for, GOP Representative Tom Cole said during the hearing.

At this quality, its not clear why Pruitt isnt simply walking around with a container of gasoline and personally igniting down forests.

[ H/ T: Science via E& E]

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