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I guess this is a mix of a rant and confusion but I couldn't find anything similar so I'm reaching out to other puppy owners if what I'm feeling is normal? Crazy?

So we recently adopted a toy poodle and she's currently 10 weeks old. She's adorable. Honestly could be my pride and joy already. Everyone's playfully jealous and even asked about who her breeder was and if they could get one(one time litter, just wanted to try it and all are in good homes). She's super smart and catches on very quickly which brings in one of the issues.

My friend of several years and I are very close. We bonded over many things which included dogs. My old dog passed away due to old age and cancer just last year. She also has another toy poodle so when we spoke about getting a new puppy, she immediately perked up and said she wanted one too and asked about if she could get one from the same litter. She has shown the same 'i also want that or do this with you' about other things but I'm getting frustratingly annoyed about it when it came to my puppy. I replied there weren't any left and the breeder was a private friend so we cannot recommend her.

Weeks later, we get our puppy. She constantly asked to see her and meet her. Every photo we posted(which was limited), constant heart eyes. This is my first time having a dog in a year and my first puppy ever. I am extremely nervous and sensitive about dog health and training due to my old dog. I want to do things properly so I didn't let her until one day my boyfriend brings her when he picks us up. No big deal except she kept calling my puppy her baby and the puppy is teething and insists that the puppy bites her finger. I'm upset. I don't want my dog to be encouraged to bite people and think it's okay. I tell her no I don't want her to think that and pull her away from my friend.

Just a few days ago, she insisted and offered to watch our dog while we were out for a few hours which was super inappropriate. Just before offering, I told her that my puppy is very shy and needs more socialization. She will literally yelp being touched by other people she isn't comfortable with. She's 95% crate trained and doesn't whine or cry at all. Plus she's at my boyfriend's house. It'd be weird to leave her there alone while we were gone.

I feel like this is tearing up how I feel about her and I get possessive over my dog and makes me uneasy and anxious as hell leaving her with anyone who isn't family or my boyfriend. Is this normal? Do I keep letting her see my puppy? It makes me feel like I don't even have a dog.

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