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To start off with, I have no desire to hear if you're against Prong collars. Please don't waste your time.

What age do you normally start a dog off on a Prong collar? Also, is a chain or fabric martingale better?

I haven't done much walk training with my puppy because I won't leave the yard til she has all her shots. Due to that, she's just been walking loosely on her leash to go potty. Well, a couple of days after her last shots, we'll be traveling and taking her.

She'll need some leash manners since we'll be in crowds. I'm totally willing to walk up and down my road for hours to work on this but Holy hell, a flat collar isn't going to do it. I went for a short test run right outside my house and my arm is killing me trying to keep her at a heel.

Lucy is a mutt crossed with American staffshire terrier and cocker spaniel. An oops litter from my brother's dog and she ended up being the biggest of them all. She's much stronger than I would have thought she'd be at 4 months haha.

I am going to try a martingale first. Prong is definitely considered though. And yes.. I do have experience with both but with adult dogs.

(Puppy tax when imgur will finally upload my picture).

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