Previously crate trained 8-month old is barking in the mornings.

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Hello everyone! I have an eight month old Bernese mountain dog pup. She’s an absolute dream, so sweet and smart! She picked up her crate training very fast and although not particularly fond of the crate, she will go in with some coaxing from me or my boyfriend and happily sleep until we wake her up. My boyfriend usually gets up at around 8-830 for work, and I get up at about 10.

However, about two or so weeks ago the pup started to bark every morning at 8am right on the dot, relentlessly. My boyfriend will be getting up anyways so it’s not really a big deal, but kind of annoying. He will lock her in the kitchen then so she can have a bit of freedom, she’s got a bed in there and it’s puppy proofed.

9:30 am rolls around, and she starts to relentlessly bark. Again, I would be getting up soon so it’s in reality not a big deal, but she’s got a very loud bark and the neighbours can definitely hear it.

I work weird hours and sometimes I need to sleep in to get my full eight hours, and recently that has been impossible. She used to be so good and have no problem just snoozing in the kitchen until I got up, or the kennel until my boyfriend got up. I’ve taken her on 3am potty breaks and this doesn’t seem to help the problem at all, or letting her out at 930 and going back to bed. Any suggestions on how to get her to chill out a bit in the morning?

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