Preparing our dog for the holidays

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Hi there-

We've got a 14 month old, so he's turning some good corners on training. He does a good job listening in our normal everyday scenarios, but like many dogs will quickly lose his training and ability to control himself in totally new adventures.

A few weeks ago we went to our grandparents farm for the weekend and he loves it there, so much so that he was overwhelmed and was a handful from start to finish. Accidents in the house, not getting on with other dogs, chewing things up, etc.

So that being said we're getting ready for another new adventure on Thanksgiving. We will be at my in-laws for the whole weekend with lots of new people, his best dog friend who always gets him worked up, and a 7 month old puppy.

How can we best prepare him (and ourselves) for this? Is there a good way to introduce him to the house? We also won't have a yard he can properly run around and get his excitement out with the puppy when they meet. We'll do our best to separate him in the house when he needs a timeout (or when any dog does), but is there something else we should do? I just want to make sure we're setting him up for training success?

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