Preparing a heeler puppy for coming to work

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Hi there! I'm currently researching/preparing to get a blue heeler puppy.

I'm fortunate enough to work at a very dog-friendly office, so once the puppy is house trained I can start bringing it with me and socializing it with other dogs and people. It's a pretty big place – nearly a thousand people on the campus and plenty of other dogs. Typically I'm in the office between 6-8 hours on weekdays.

I've seen a few guides on getting a puppy with a full time job, but since my situation is a little different, does anyone have a reccomended schedule? Or general tips for puppies (even specific to cattle dogs)?

I reckon I need to crate train the dog at home for a week minimum before bringing it in. I'm considering hiring a dog sitter, asking to work from home, or taking time off to train the puppy. I think someone may have even crate trained their puppy at work, so I could look into that. I commute, so coming home for lunch to let the dog out is probably not an option.

My main concerns right now are the puppy having an accident at work, or hurting/biting another dog or human.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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