Pregnancy, moving, and protective aggression?

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Hello! So backstory, our dog Poppy is a 4 year old mutt we've had since she was a pup. She has always been a little on the barky side when it comes to visitors, but has listened when told to stop after a few barks. She was always a little more vocal with new strangers, but ignoring the barking and getting on with the person usually stopped her just fine within a minute or less. If that didn't work, she would be calm if put in another room. Probably not the best way to let her act, but she is my first dog and after the initial few barks, she does fine.

Well now, we are moving in with the in laws. She loves them and their home, has a doggy door with a fenced yard, and even another dog who she enjoys playing with. She does bark more often there, as she has access to the great outdoors at will and nobody has ever cared if she throws a bark or two at the deer on the other side of the fence. We don't like to let her just go nuts, but we haven't had a big barking problem in the past.

Now, I am 8 months pregnant with a first baby, and Poppy is much harder to control. She is misbehaving regularly with things that used to not be a problem, and I'm not sure how to handle it. She gets horrible separation anxiety now and will cry like she is being hurt if you don't let her follow close by all the time. She has been in the kitchen a lot now (never been allowed or a big problem), has been begging for people food more,, and is quick to show aggression and bark at visitors. Its to the point where we have to lock her away in the bedroom when people visit just because we can't trust her! She gets her hackles up, full growling and barking, showing teeth, and even tried to lunge at someone. Not even a stranger! He had visited 4 or 5 times without a problem before, and all the sudden she's gnashing her teeth at him.

I chalked it up to the move being stressful for her, but the aggression cannot continue. Im at my wits end with her. Today, she was showing aggression towards one of our dear friends who has been one of her favorite people since she was a puppy! She called down after a minute of pets, but she acted as though he was a threat.

What do I do?? How do I curb the territorial/aggressive behavior and hopefully calm down the barking??? I dont want her to hurt someone and if she does, we have to put her down per local ordinances.

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