Potty Training Problems/Too Late to Crate Train?

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I recently moved cross-country from a big city to a more suburban area. I took both my dog and my mom's dog with me (they know each other very well and have lived together before). Now that we are here, I'm finding that my mom's dog doesn't seem to be potty trained at all. She has accidents in the house every day. When she lived with my mom, she lived on a 20-acre orchard and was allowed to free roam most of the days. Here we have a house with a backyard. I work from home, so I try to take her outside every hour. She usually does go potty outside – however, she has been getting up in the night and going while we're asleep. To make matters worse, my dog has started doing this with her in the past couple of days. He has never had this problem before and in fact, we used to live in an apartment and his outside time was far more limited. I try to take them out to the bathroom as late as possible (anywhere between 10pm – 12am). My husband takes them out again when he wakes up at around 7am. I'm not sure why they are doing this at night… So my thoughts are maybe they need to start crate training – it's something I wish I had done before (had I known better). Does it matter that they are almost 3 and 4 years old – and that we've had them for a couple of years? (On a side note – we had already been thinking of crate training them since both of them insist on sleeping in bed with us – which is fine – except it keeps us awake all night).

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