Potty Training Issues, the yard is more fun

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Ok so a bit of backstory. The dog is a Pomeranian/pappilion mix with apparently some poodle in her. We got her initially when winter started, so it was a lot of indoor training. My mother would NOT let me crate train her, as it was 'cruel' to lock her up. Even though I explained otherwise.

So she was trained to go on pee pads. Except now that its warm outside(she's 9 months) mom is upset she's not going outside, and views the dog as 'lazy'. Ive been trying hard to go out with her everytime she goes in the backyard and go 'be a good girl go pee pee' but she gets distracted/chases something or doesnt go. Which leads me to believe the phrase means nothing to her at this point.

I go with her outside every 1.5h after the last pee/poo. I stand in the yard, say the phrase, watch her. If she doesnt do her buisness I go back inside with her. If she DOES do it, i praise her liberally and give her the 10,000 treat(peanut butter). I get that this will take awhile, but she's very stubborn/easily distracted and sometimes I dont watch her well enough and..she goes right back on the pee pads when she comes in.

I was hoping for some tips to get her concentrating more? Ill try to reinforce a less wordy phrase when she DOES pee, but catching her is tiring. Im getting frustrated, though I know its not her fault.

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