Potty training is going nowhere fast

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I posted here probably around a month ago about help with potty training. We decided to take away the pee pads because our little terrier mix Ducky started peeing on the carpet instead of the pee pads. Now sometimes he asks to go outside by sitting on the stairs and waiting, but he doesn’t make any noise and if you don’t follow him soon enough he just pees or poops right then and there. At night, he can usually hold it, but when he wakes up if I don’t pick him up right away, he’ll just start peeing….

Should I get a bell or something? Also any advice would be appreciated! We’re trying to do the thing where when he starts to pee we take him outside immediately, but we live in a 3 story townhouse so he’d literally be done peeing by the time we got downstairs to take him out….. I’m at a complete loss. I trained my previous dog with a doggy door, but we can’t do that in this place and I’m really struggling….


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