Potty Training in Apartment until fully vaccinated. Yay or Nay? Parvo risk?

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/jol15z/potty_training_in_apartment_until_fully/

Here`s another great article:

Would prefer puppy never ever went indoors, but don’t want to risk Parvo. Apartment/flat current/former puppy owners, what worked and didn’t work? Will initial puppy pad use then gradually taking it away once safe to go out work?

I have an enclosed balcony (winter garden) type thing, so intend to make that the potty area. However, still technically part of the apartment, and would like to avoid if possible.

What’s the real risk of Parvo if only taken out to potty? (Live in Melbourne, Australia – City of Stonnington)


Edit: don’t have puppy yet, arriving home next month.

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