Potty training help.

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So I've had my Australian Cattledog for roughly 4 months now. He has always been really good about defecating outside with an accident in the house here and there. While his frequent urination has gotten better, he still goes in the house. The person I got him from had him peeing on towels rather than pee pads as a puppy. At 6 months now he will still occasionally pee on the bed, pee on towels on the floor, or just randomly pee. Sometimes he walks as he is peeing. I know he can hold iy because he does so when he isbcrated overnight. He'll pee every hour sometimes, anf does seem to drink frequently. I have already taken him to the vet. I praise him when he goes outside, I've carries him out in the middle of urinating, and have evrn tried taking him out once every hour. What else can I do?

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