Potty training failing?

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I have a very cute, very sweet King Charles cavalier. He is 11 months. He hasn’t had any accidents inside for a few months and is always let out at least every two hours when I’m home. But tonight he peed on my bathmat while I was brushing my teeth even though I yelled to try to startle/stop him. He just looked at me and kept going for like 10 secs as I fumbled to put toothbrush down and pick him up to take outside. He clearly thinks that if he wants he should go outside but if he needs to go he should just go. He has previously pooped inside and peed inside more than once in December. He was peepad “trained” until I adopted him at 7 months. But how do I tell him it’s not that he should pee and poo outside if he happens to be there – but in fact he should only go there. I’m sooooooo mad but I can’t do anything about it because yell/lecturing at him won’t help. I can’t go back to umbilical training him and he is already crate trained. It’s just when he’s free.

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