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Hi everyone, I’m bringing home an 8-week-old Corgi puppy in 3 days, and I’m trying to figure out my potty training strategies. I’m seeing a lot of conflicting advice regarding potty pads, grass pads, and taking puppies outside without their full vaccinations, so I’m wondering if anyone can help me out. I would prefer not to start him on puppy pads due to the long-term consequences I’ve read about, but if my situation calls for it, I’m willing to try it out as a last resort.

I live in a 3-story townhouse without a backyard, but I have a small concrete patio out front and there are some patches of grass by the sidewalk. My vet appointment is next week, so I don’t know the chances of parvo in my neighborhood. I see many dogs being walked around here every day though, and I’ve seen a raccoon wander into my patio in the past (not sure if that makes any difference, but thought I should mention it).

So how do you guys think I should potty train my puppy? Is it safe to take him out to the patio? The patches of grass? Or just try out potty pads or indoor grass pads?

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