Potty training 3yr old abused dog

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I've got a 3yr old St Bernard rescue from a puppy mill. They were kept in closets, bathrooms and horse stall like areas. They had to pee and poop in their rooms.

I have her crate trained, but she will still go on the floor of our bedroom (where the crate is).

She goes out for a pee break hourly.

With our pups we reward when they go outside and tell them no when they go inside, but that doesn't seem to work for her.

Fwiw we we're able to train come sit and lay down with food, she is food motivated as long as it is primo stuff. Cheap treats don't work, nice cheese and fresh cooked chicken.

Any advice on getting her to hold it until we got outside? She does let us know when she wants out, just not for bathroom breaks.

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