Potty taining 8 week chihuahua puppy

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I just got my little girl a week ago and we've been following a strict routine every day and shes already fully learned it and has no complaints to follow it shes a very smart girl but don't we all say that about our pups lol and surprisingly she has not had any accidents in the house for being a chihuahua and so young. Now my only problem is that she does not know how to tell me when she has to go potty but by following the routine we go outside about the time she would need to go and my only worry is how do I get my girl to tell me when she needs to go. Shes much to small to ring a bell and she does not whimper to be let out now how do I encourage that behavior? I understand that continuing the routine will avoid accidents but I worry that if she needs to potty before her outside time she'll just go wherever. How do I know that shes already distinguished outside is where she needs to potty?

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