Potty goes where I say it goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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1.5 year old Chihuahua, rescued. I got him in Arizona and took him to Alaska, so I totally get why he wasn't keen on going outside all winter, but it's nice now and he still pees/poops inside a lot. Three problems: 1) He pees/poops inside; 2) He sometimes pees on my bed (despite having no qualms about peeing on the floor, sometimes he chooses the bed); and 3) He won't pee outside unless I am also outside.

He just doesn't seem to get that potty should go outside. I reward him when he goes outside, but (for just one example) we were outside for about an hour tonight. I told him to go potty, I told him to go poop, but I can't see all of my yard at the same time. He hadn't pooped all day, so I was quite certain he went. No; we come inside, and moments later he craps on the floor.

Last night, I knew it had been a few hours since he'd peed, so I put him outside first thing when I got home and told him to pee. I had to go too, so I went to the bathroom. Hadn't eaten all day so I had a quick sandwich. He stood at the door and stared at me. Surely he'd gone while I was in the bathroom! But no. I let him in after about 20 minutes total, and he pissed on the floor. He will not go unless I'm there.

I've tried rewards. I've tried angry-voice "No, BAD POTTY!" and tried ignoring it. I have potty bells on both doors. He's not stupid, but he sure acts like it sometimes.

What now?

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