Potty Bell Training

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So we are on the road to greatness! Our little puppy Barry is doing great for potty training and just yesterday he realized we got the potty bell for him so he can let us know when we need to take him out. We have been treat rewarding for hitting the bell for about 3 weeks but that was basically coaxing him to it with a treat underneath, but now he hits it on his own… GREAT RIGHT? NO! Now he hits it expecting a treat, we give him a treat and then we take him out, he doesn’t always go when we go out but I don’t want him to quit using the bell. Can I get a little advice on how to only associate using the bell to go outside to go potty. I’m ok with some false alarms where he just wants to go out, just want a little more consistency. Sometimes he’ll just sit by the bell ringing away staring at us lol.

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