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So we installed one of the little bells near the front door to train our pup to ring it when he needs to go outside for potty. We have him ring it every time we take him out to go to the bathroom.

Today he FINALLY picked it up that he can do this on his own, but now he does it pretty much whenever he wants to go outside (which I guess is the point), but he'll ring the bell, and I'll take him outside and give all the normal signals I would for him to go to the bathroom, and he'll just sit in the sun or start munching on grass and obviously has no intention of going to the bathroom.

So what do I do now when he rings the bell? It's not feasible to take him out every time he rings (he'll ring immediately after we let him back in), but I also don't want him to think that we'll ignore it every time he rings.

My current plan is just put it on a cooldown. If he rings, I'll take him out, but only if he hasn't rung in the last hour or two. Anyone have this problem?

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