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So to continue from my previous post, Mia is doing well very well in fact (she eats a lot).

Her biting issue is still ongoing but i dont expect it to stop anytime soon, trying out different ways to teach not to bite to hard.

Now im in a rather confused spot, so for the past week i've been taking her to my yard for her to poo and pee there. Everything is going well, she's now gotten to the point whereby she only poo there while for the peeing bit accidents still happen here and there. Ok moving on to the question, i am working full time and in this city we don't really have a dog walker or a neighbour that can come in to play with the puppy. How should i approach the puppy training? should i consider training her using pads?

Another thing is training my puppy, she is currently 6 weeks old. I can't seem to get her attention as all she wants is to bite my fingers and feet. What should i start in terms of training? should i try to train to get her attention? because the biting i believe will continue on and when shes excited i can't get her to stay still for a moment.

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