Potentially Aggressive Demand Barking ? With new mouth to hand touch

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Tl dr: rescue dog began demand barking after beginning behavioral classes and has now touched his mouth to my hand when upset

I adopted my first dog Beau (1 year) in June 2020. He is (according to the shelter) an Anatolian shepherd/ Lab mix so most of the time he's a 80 lb of snuggles and fun. So far, we havent had many major issues except one. The big issue is his aggression towards other dogs so we are three weeks in to a Behavior Solutions class specifically for dogs like him (slow progress). Starting during our first session of class, when he is denied something, he begins barking at me. I've been following the trainers advice and ignoring him every time he does so but the behavior has started up at home also. He now has begun to bark when I stop him from from getting up on the table or stop him in general and just today, he progressed to a different level of barking that seemed almost aggressive.

My roommate and I were on the couch (with Beau) and he began barking at the neighbors. I made him get off the couch (he likes to stand and bark there) and he threw his normal zoomie hissy fit taking breaks to bark at me. I ignored him. He continued to throw a fit and I ordered him to his crate to calm down. He went willingly and I let him out again after he stayed calm. I allowed him back on the couch and when he went to start barking again, I ordered him off the couch. He refused and when I nudged him with my hand he barked then put his mouth around my hand. It didn't puncture my skin or put pressure really but he was not budging his body or his mouth. I calmed myself (I was shocked) and pulled my hand out and put his leash on and put him in a separate room for twenty minutes. (Oh the torture!!).

Is this dominant, aggressive, fearful, or submissive behavior? He's a very dominant boy in general but I'm having trouble reading his reasons for his behavior and if I need to worry that it will escalate to a full bite.

Body language when demand barking: stiff leg, facing me and making eye contact with me while frequently looking away, (until a zoomie fit)

Body language on couch when mouthing: stiff body but laying down, staring at me until I make eye contact then he looks away

Note: I will be bringing this up with the trainer but would like other's experiences.

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