Possible to train 8 year old chihuahuas to only go outside, instead of using pads?

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My long term girlfriend has had our two adorable chihuahuas for 8 years now, and they are very well behaved. One is a teacup and one is a Pomeranian mix. Sadly, before I met her, they were trained to go on potty pads inside her room. It was disgusting. As our relationship became more serious we have moved in together and I really want to stop this. At first they would only go in front of a door, and once we got in our new apartment I had moved the pad location to the corner of the room. Also to help against any leaks, I put painters carpet plastic down (the kind that sticks to carpet) all around the area they would be using. I’ve been working to take them out every night but I still end up waking up to multiple pee spots from them, both on the pad and sometimes on the plastic.

It’s been getting really annoying as the smell of urine/poo in the room can be gross, obviously, and it’s beyond annoying cleaning it up and buying new pads every few weeks.

I know they are old, and the pads would probably have to stay somewhere, but is there ANY way I can train them to go outside or ask to go outside instead of using the pads.

I’ve been giving them turkey each time they come in from using the bathroom outside, but sometimes I will let them out for even 15 minutes and they will come in, get their turkey, and a few minutes later there is a big pee on the pad in the room.

I can hardly deal with this anymore and need suggestions/help.

Thanks so much!

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