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My dog (Logan) is 7.5 months old. He’s a mini foxie (rat terrier) x jack russell. He has a lot of energy! We currently walk him to the park morning and night and have a dog walker during the middle of the way while we’re at work. We give him lots of attention at night with a toy or ball (he loves ripping up toys) he also gets a kong or bone each night. His recall is pretty solid now and he listens to us when we’re playing at home. He loves the dog park and other dogs. As a younger pup (4-5months old) he wanted to play and say hello to every dog.

Lately however, I have seen him be very reactive and sometimes aggressive. Every now and then another dog may just sniff him and Logan goes mental, growls, bares his teeth and chases the dog away. He is happy to play with dogs when it’s on his terms, when he goes up to another dog, licks them and wags their tail, but Logan will often not accept when dogs try instigate play with him. I’ve really tried to watch exactly what happens and the other dog doesn’t do anything offensive,occasionally a dog has tried to mount him and he has growled at them, and they get the idea, but often it just looks like the dog sniffs him.

Some evenings we take him to a park and kick a soccer ball around. He loves this game! We play fetch at home, but if the soccer ball comes out he never wants to stop. If we eventually put the ball away he barks and we have to distract him to deter his focus. When we play with the soccer ball at the park, if another dog comes over to say hi, Logan is super possessive of his ball. The other night, 2 separate dogs came over and Logan growled and I think he bit 2 both dogs because both dogs yelped. (They we’re both much bigger than him)

I don’t know how to curb this behaviour. How do you teach them to be tolerant?

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