Police pug excels at cuteness , not at catching offenders

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Not every dog can make it as a police dog.

Police puppies have to be highly intelligent and trainable. They are generally medium to big in length. They have enormous stamina and endurance.

These facets don’t genuinely apply to pugs. Pugs are small, round and cute. They don’t genuinely scream definitive or police work.

However, that didn’t halting the Rochester Police Department from accepting a pug into the police kinfolk. Cops posted a picture of Hercules the pug to the department’s Facebook page, and the cutest police dog that ever was travelled viral.

“He’s a sucker for a belly wipe and does not enjoy leading, ” speaks the description of Hercules. This moves appreciation, as everyone knows a good police dog has to be relatable to the people.

The Rochester Police Department did make sure to let everyone know that Hercules is not actually part of the K9 Unit. He only belongs to the policeman drew in the photo, and they snarled the photo of the two of them together when Hercules inspected the station.

But even though this was all in the minds of the fun, Hercules will always be a police dog in our hearts. We only detect safer knowing his squishy look is right there, acquiring sure all loose plows are brought to justice.

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