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On Saturday we picked up our puppy (a beagle) from a breeder in a small farm town in northern Minnesota. We knew we would have to stop at almost every rest area on the long drive home to Southeastern Wisconsin. Well, at the first rest area (only about an hour after we took him from everything that he knew) we get out of the car, I put the little guy on the grass and out of no where this motorcycle comes zooming by. It must have had some extra Harley Davidson in it bc that motorcycle had the deepest, loudest rumble I've ever heard. My poor baby was terrified. I seriously doubt he had ever heard a sound like that on the farm he came from.

We plan on leash training our pup as we live in a condo. During the summer we plan on spending a lot of time walking around Lake Michigan. We don't live in a small Wisconsin town, but we don't live in the city either. There are lots of trucks and definitely lots of Harley Davidsons cruising around town. Not to mention our roads are full of pot holes. So it's safe to say that he's going to be around loud rumbling noises for as long as we live here.

We have had him a total of 4 days and the process of leash training hasn't been that bad; however, whenever a truck or a bus drives by and there's loud rumbling noises he begins to cower, puts his tail between his legs and makes a beeline for the front door. If I hear the noises in advance I attempt to distract him by calling his name or praising him or begin playing with him.

I know 4 days isn't a long time to really know what's going on with your dog, but my fear is that initial loud noise at the first rest area traumatized him somwhow. And I'm blaming myself bc I should have been prepared for that teachable moment that I missed. I was wondering if anyone could help me find information on or share their experiences of helping a pup overcome of fear of a particular noise.

On a side note- 2 days ago we were standing near the road and a fire truck and ambulance went screaming by, full sirens, lights, and horn and it didn't faze him. I guess it's just the loud rumbling noises that get to him.

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