Please tell me this is normal! 8-week-old Corgi Puppy won’t calm down unless he’s confined

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Hi y'all! I've been reading this sub for months in preparation of getting our 8 week-old Corgi puppy, named Griffin. I wouldn't normally post this question, but he is acting so differently than the corgi puppy we previously had.

Griffin is so sweet and so cuddly and so wonderful. He knows exactly what to do when we go outside, he's conquering stairs, and sleeps like an angel at night. The only problem is when we have playtime. When it's playtime, he's on a leash in the living room playing fetch or tug with my husband or me. He loves it! But he can. not. calm. down. We can play for 10 minutes or an hour, and he will not stop nipping/barking/pouncing until we put him in his playpen or his crate. Griff LOVES his playpen, and has zero problem napping/sleeping in his crate.

Honestly, it's wonderful to find his off-switch like that, but I fear we'll never be able to take him anywhere in public because he is SO nippy/excited unless he's confined. Petting, snuggling, treats, potty, chewing…nothing stops him. What other ways are there to calm him down? Is it normal for puppies to be completely unable to go anywhere in public because of this?

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