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Thanks for reading this: I adopted my girl two days ago from a shelter in Chicago, and brought her home with to my apartment in Chicago with two other 22 year old roommates. Some background, I don’t get along with one of my roommates we have had major disagreements before and we’ve clashed on things but at the end of the day it’s fine and we’re just roommates, he’s very weird sometimes like he uses the roommate to back up threats once threatened to smash my cell phone because we were out playing pool and after he won he motioned jerking off with the pool cue and I filmed it as a joke on Snapchat and saved it and he was irate saying how dare I and I needed to delete it otherwise he’d smash my phone, and I said go ahead I’ll call the police, and he goes well “Robbie will back me up and say I didn’t do it”. He’s bragged about how in the past with other roommates he’s done vengeful things like taking out all the lightbulbs in an apartment because the utility bill was too high for his taste.

A little background, this is my first dog of any kind, and I feel overwhelmed already and am trying to learn. When I got her from the shelter, I asked them if I needed a crate and they said no a bed’s fine for the time being. But after bringing her home I realized that a bed wasn’t enough. I tried putting her in a carrier, but she was feisty but the minute I took her home she peed and pooped in a few places immediately.

So here’s where my roommates have been giving me stress: they said you better get up early to walk her and I said of course. On Wednesday night I put her to bed in the carrier and ordered a crate for her on one day shipping delivery. She apparently woke up around 8 and peed so I immediately cleaned it up by whole cleaning she started to dart towards the pee and I tried to grab her and accidentally grabbed her neck. My roommate reprimanded me and I said it was an accident, I didn’t want to her get into the pee. Anyways, the next day I woke up at 7:30 and planned to shower and take her out at 8, and my roommate said she was whining at 7 and he took her out and I said ok well I thought she’d wake up at 8 like yesterday.

So I had work from home 8:30-5 and I gave her a food bowl filled with water and told her and put it in the fridge again. I usually didn’t leave a water bowl out for her but would just give her water every two hours or so and after walks so I could time her pee frequency. And hour later at 10:45 my roommate comes in and asks “Did you give her food and water” I said “I will after the meeting”. I thought he was referring to food, and he apparently thought I hadn’t given her water since 1 AM last night. He apparently wrote all my 4 “infractions” down in a notepad (grabbed her by the neck accidentally for five minutes, didn’t take her out twice on time, and APPARENTLY didn’t give her water for ten hours). He called the shelter I got her from and told them all of this (keep in mind this is my second day with my puppy), and told our landlord (which I didn’t know as my landlord came up under the guise of fixing our heat but was asking me about my pup, and I had obviously asked his permission before adopting my girl).

My landlord is a super nice guy, older and has dogs and he came up and helped me with my pup a ton, gave me advice, helped set up the crate, told me to add a water bowl, in there with doggy pads. Honestly my girl started liking the crate and was doing well and I finally felt settled in. So here’s where the stress starts setting in, at night I was holding her and feeding her and then crated her so I could work out in the main room (my roommate had weights that he let us all use that he kept in the main room) and they were locked up. He goes “yeah so you can’t use my weights until 10:45 next Friday, until I start seeing you take your dog out”. And I was like wtf, Where’s this coming from. And he mentioned the four infractions above, and I said “yeah you mentioned those and I worked on them better I woke up when she woke yesterday to take her out, dude it’s my second day with her cut me a break I’m learning and doing my best. And also who are you to tell me or punish me that I can’t use your weights, keep your weights I’ll never use them again.” Then he told me how he contacted the shelter and our landlord. I was furious, I said “so instead of sitting me down and having a conversation and I told you I was trying my best you decided to go behind my back like this? Even our landlord came and helped me he showed me the ways yet here you are making snide remarks and documenting “infractions”?” We had a big argument and I told him pretty much go fuck yourself dude, it’s my second day I’m already stressed and I’m trying my best. He meant to text our other roommate something but accidentally sent it to me, and it was a passive aggressive text “So he didn’t like my tone so he proceeds to dehydrate a puppy?” I was so angry reading that, I asked him simply never to disrespect me or think that he’s in any power to “punish” me by not letting me use his weights. I was angry because he reported me based off assumptions, I didn’t grab my puppy’s neck, I certainly didn’t dehydrate my puppy, the only two things I knew to get better at was taking my girl out earlier in the mornings but I just needed to figure her schedule out.

Today, I took her on a walk and she seemed like she wanted to jog a bit so she started running around the concrete, and I noticed her paws were bleeding and I assume from her running in the concrete, I quickly rushed to get neosporin and came home and washed her wounds and applied it. The bleeding stopped immediately so I assume it was just minor but I still felt so bad and irresponsible that I let her on the concrete as I was so happy she actually was walking as previously she’d just lay and I’d have to carry her everywhere.

I felt so bad about what happened I just sat there and cried, and I feel so stressed. I’m learning I’m reading I’m taking peoples advice, but my roommates situation isn’t helping and I feel lost. I read somewhere that a puppy shouldn’t be jogging as it’s bad for her joints, but then other people say oh a little jog is fine so I let her and now she got hurt because of it.

Please be honest, am I a bad parent?

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