PLEASE HELP!!! Wits end. Poop in crate only if there is bedding

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I’m not understanding. I have a 3 month old Italian greyhound. I don’t want his crate to be uncomfortable but if he has any form of bed or blanket he poops in it. He also marks in his crate. I take him out plenty. He’s now laying in his poop at night. It was all over his bed and his Kong toy. I had to throw it all away. It’s not diarrhea. It’s solid. Here’s my schedule with him

Wake up 7:45 potty Breakfast 8:30am Walk Crate Training 10:30am Potty Crate Lunch 12:30pm Potty Crate Playtime 3:30pm Potty Crate Dinner 7:30pm Potty Playtime in crate Walk/potty 10:30pm Crate/night night 11:15pm Potty 3-3:30am Repeat

I have alarms in my phone to make sure things are punctual.

I really don’t want to return him to the breeder but this is too much for me.

Yes I spray his crate down with enzyme cleaner. He eats all meals in his crate. When he potties outside I give him praise and high value treats.

I’m going to cry

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