Please help with our dog’s anxiety, I don’t know what to do

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I have a 6 year old pit that is an absolutely wonderful dog. She lives as comfortable of a life as we can give her and is showered her with love and attention by everyone. Overall she seems happy and healthy, aside from the anxiety. I am sure that I am the cause of it. We got her as a puppy, and not long after that I went through some seriously stressful times. I work from home, and occasionally things would get so stressful, be it financial worries, customers, or tech issues, that I'd go into table flipping mode from time to time, cussing, yelling or throwing things, etc. I had never been like this before but eventually I realized my job was the root cause of this and quit after a couple years. NONE of my anger was EVER directed at the dog, not has she ever been struck as punishment or abused in any way. I never considered how my behaviour would affect her. Usually when I get upset like this she will come over to be near me. I guess to try to comfort me. Now, several years later, my episodes of anger are rare, but she gets bad anxiety if I so much as express mild displeasure with anything. Even a heavy sigh, showing slight frustration, or typing too heavily on my computer will get her worked up, and she'll try to get as close as she can to me or if I am in another room whoever is nearby and just shake and tremble. I am so heartbroken because I know I am the cause, but I have no idea how to help her with this. Seeing her do this and having no way to help her is causing us a lot of upset, but I just want to help her get over this. Please, if anyone has any insights, I would be very grateful.

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