Please help me train my 3 year old havenese/russell terrier mix! he is big and he barks and get aggressive at everyone!!

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We rescued him in january and ever since that he has been like this. At first we thought it was because we were new to him and such, but the behavior hasn't changed much:
Anytime there is a noise of any kind while he is sitting or doing anything- it sets him off and barks (one or two time)- almost seem like a reflex. Stayed at motel one night and he didn't sleep at all as there were doors opening and closing all night and he would bark at every small noise.
We live in apartment, so the noise above is already annoying- but he is also very unfriendly towards strangers or new people. when we take him for poop/walk- he charges and gets aggressive to the point he doesn't listen to commands or doesn't look at me when i yell at him to stop. He keeps getting overly aggressive, he would choke himself if he didn't have a harness on. WHAT can we do? Please help, we want to keep him but with this behavior, we can't live in a community because every time we take him out, i have to be on guard and have to apologize people for his behavior

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