Please help: dog urinating when I congratulate her

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A little over a year ago we adopted a young female dog, Nala. She is extremely affectionate with the whole family, and especially with me. But for the past month, every time I cuddle her, caress her, or even sometimes look in her eyes, she immediately urinates… She seems suddenly a bit over-emotionnal, maybe? I don't know what to do to solve the situation, would anyone have an idea?

Thank you!

Additional information (maybe unrelated?):

– Before arriving home, Nala definitely had a very difficult life, and she was not trusting humans at all. The early beginning was hard: she was barking at me, crying when we were approaching her, and peeing everywhere. We worked hard on it, made her trust us, and we solved most of the problems (I only use positive reinforcement).

– Each time I am angry at her (even a little and not scary way at all; obviously we never harmed her at all), she feels it and pees immediately. This behavior never really stopped, although it rarely occurs.

– As soon as I leave a room for more than two minutes, she jumps on me (and only me), bites me softly to say hello, etc. I was training her to stop this behavior and to replace it by something else (like licking my hand; unsuccessfully for now…) when the problems started.

– During the day she is often outside (or at home if she prefers, with my wife), and she spends most of her time with our neighbor's dog. It seems that something happened between them one or two days before the problems started.

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