Please Help: Dog is eating his own puke and acting aggressive.

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Yesterday around 2pm my 10 month old dog ate three cupcakes. For the most part all was fine he had some added energy but didn't see any signs of being sick. Sometime between last night (11pm) and this morning 6 and 7 am he puked in my backyard. I have a fairly big backyard that's gated so I let him lose to run about normally. About an hour ago I took him out just to poop since I didn't see him do so at 6am other than pee. After he was done doing his poops he ran around for a bit which I thought was fine, I could spare a few minutes of him getting some fun. However, I noticed he stopped and starting eating from the ground. When I went over to check on what he was doing saw it was puke. It was red ish, possibly from the Red dye cupcake he ate (other too being chocolate and vanilla) and it also had this kibble bits left behind. When I tried to stop him because I didn't want him re-eating anything toxic he will run off making him very hard to catch with how fast he is. When ever I will even get close to touching him he'll growling and snap at me which he's never done before. When I call his name and tell him to come he wouldn't listen, if I walked out of his sight expecting him to miss me and follow like he tends to do he wouldn't follow and instead will go back looking for his puke. Took me a entire hour to get him to calm down enough that I could out his collar back on which he managed to take off and get him inside. I'm fairly upset because all this trouble trying to chase him down has cause me to be late for my class and his behavior isn't what it normally is. What do I do with him ? He doesn't even show that he's aware what he did was bad.

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