Please help, dog biting when he wants to play or wants attention

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My dog will be two in January. He is very, very high energy. He currently goes two day care three days a week and will soon be dropping down to two days. There are days (not necessarily on his “off” days) where when he wants to play or if I’m not doing what he wants he will nite my hands, arms or if I’m walking or my son starts to walk he will bite us. Not hard enough to break skin, but clearly hard enough that it hurts. I am working g in training but admittedly have not been working with him. As much as I should (we are currently living with family and 4 other much older dogs, the next youngest is 7 years older). I should probably also mention that I think he is probably a bit co-dependent. Our living situation will soon be changing and it will just be my son and I and he will be the only dog. I know if a good trainer that I plan on contacting, however, private lessons are very expensive and right now their class schedule does not work with my work schedule. Any ideas of how to get him to stop this behavior?

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