Please Help! 7mo puppy will not stop screaming, it’s ruining my relationship and my partners sleep.

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We adopted our German Shepherd/lab puppy at 4 months old. The screaming has been getting worse and worse, he didn't use to have issues in his crate but now he screams all night. At first we thought he was hungry, had to potty, or needed water so we'd get up every time and take him out to help potty train. Now he doesn't potty inside, but he will not stop screaming. We've tried melatonin at our vets suggestion, exercise before bed, putting bully sticks and bones in his crate to distract him, crate covers, varying lengths of crate time and time alone and special treats only for crate time.

We can't even leave the house to go to the grocery store without getting a call that he's screaming nonstop. We can't go downstairs without him screaming nonstop. We can't roll over while sleeping, or get up at night to pee without him screaming non stop. My partner is at the end of his rope and only getting 3 hours of sleep average per night now. I'm a heavy sleeper but hear him all day, and it's creating resentment between my partner and our dog and between me and my partner. The lack of sleep is killing him, the idea of giving up my puppy is killing me (and would likely cause enough resentment for me to end the relationship) and we don't know what to do. We are in no way first time dog or puppy owners but none of our previous dogs had this issue. We are at our wits end and need help, or we will be forced to re-home him to save our relationship and my partners sleep and sanity. Any advice is appreciated!!!!!

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