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I can't even count how many posts I've seen on "puppy blues" and people saying they are having second thoughts and considering returning their new pup. It's so disheartening. Give your new puppy a chance. It will be worth it-I promise.

I foster puppies for a rescue as well as having my own 3 dogs who I've had since varying puppyish ages-5 weeks, 4 months, and 6 months. I've fostered and raised 53 (and counting) puppies as young as 5 weeks and had my first dog until he was almost 14. PUPPIES ARE WORK. Hard work. This should not be a surprise to anyone, they are baby dogs and need the same sort of attention, care, and maintenance as a human baby.

When people come to meet my puppies, I question them thoroughly on their experience and expectations with their new puppy. I am blunt and honest. I explain their personalities, their habits, their routines. I offer to keep in touch as long as the adopters need and will answer any questions. I take my role as their first human mama very seriously and want to be sure my foster has found their forever family. I have had one foster out of 49 returned to care and it was for medical reasons. It is stressful and traumatic for a puppy (or dog) to be uprooted from their home and I do my utmost to ensure that doesn't happen.

Puppies will not:

-be housebroken at 8 weeks old

-be crate trained and keep their crates clean at 11 weeks old

-know basic commands as soon as they can walk

-sleep through the night the first night you bring them home and likely not until they are at least 12-16 weeks old

Puppies will:





-chew things you don't want them to

-have tummy trouble

-pee the second they get inside

-puke up stuff you don't even know they ate

-frustrate the shit outta you


Bringing a puppy home is a commitment and should be taken seriously. In return, you get get unconditional love for all of their days. If you give up on that puppy, they will gladly give that love to someone who won't.

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