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Hi all,

My bf and I recently got a black lab puppy who is about 4 months old now. She’s very smart and picks up on commands easily but DOES NOT respond to discipline at ALL. Note: I used to train service dogs and am usually quite good at getting a dog to listen to/respect me.

We are esp having issues with her playful mouthing which quickly turns aggressive if we tell her “no” firmly or “stop it.” For example, I was on a walk with her on our local beach and she would jump up to bite my hands and when I told her “No!” firmly and loudly, she would jump higher and faster trying to bite them. Another example, she will try to play tug of war with her leash occasionally while I am walking her and as I attempt to take it out of her mouth she tries to bite my hands (not playfully). It really hurts and I’m reaching my breaking point with her. PLEASE help.

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