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We just got a new dog cause we thought it would make our current dog happier to have a friend, but it makes me nervous how much they fight. My family seems to think its fine, and i know it's only been a week, but it still makes me nervous. The new dog has some cuts on her belly, and our other dogs tail was bleeding, and I know that can happen, is this just playing rough, or is it a problem? I don't want them to dislike each other, and I like them both. Unfortunately we didn't get a "trial period" with the new dog since we got her from 4 hours away and had to meet with her foster carer half-way, we might have jumped the gun a bit with this assuming any dog would make our current dog happy, and she seemed like a nice dog in the videos that were sent to me. Am I overreacting? Is this normal dog behavior? I have never had two dogs at once before, only multiple cats, so I really don't know. Our current dog is a 10m old + the new girl is 1½.

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